About Moritz Hardt

I’m a research staff member in the theory group at IBM Research Almaden. I joined IBM Almaden after completing a PhD in Computer Science at Princeton University in 2011, advised by Boaz Barak.

Research Interests:315043058/
My current research focuses on algorithmic challenges in machine learning such as ensuring the reliability of discoveries, coping with errors or missing information, and responding to growing social concerns around data analysis including privacy and fairness.

Recent Activities:
– NIPS 2014 Workshop on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency in Machine Learning
Visiting Scientist at the Simons Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (Fall 2013)
Theory of Computing: Board of Editors
STOC 2014: Program Committee
FOCS 2013: Program Committee
STOC 2013: Program Committee
ICALP 2012: Program Committee
– SICOMP Special Issue for FOCS 2013: Co-Editor

Mary Wootters


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    • The Ladder: A Reliable Leaderboard for Machine Learning Competitions
      Avrim Blum, Moritz Hardt
      Manuscript (arXiv).
    • Strategic Classification
      Moritz Hardt, Nimrod Megiddo, Christos Papadimitriou, Mary Wootters
    • Preserving Statistical Validity in Adaptive Data Analysis
      Cynthia Dwork, Vitaly Feldman, Moritz Hardt, Toni Pitassi, Omer Reingold, Aaron Roth
      STOC 2015
    • Sharp bounds for learning a mixture of two Gaussians
      Moritz Hardt, Eric Price
      STOC 2015


    • The Noisy Power Method: A Meta Algorithm with Applications
      Moritz Hardt, Eric Price
      NIPS 2014 (spotlight presentation)
    • Preventing False Discovery in Interactive Data Analysis is Hard
      Moritz Hardt, Jonathan R. Ullman
      FOCS 2014
    • Understanding Alternating Minimization for Matrix Completion
      Moritz Hardt
      FOCS 2014. Invited abstract at ITA 2014
    • Fast Matrix Completion without the Condition Number
      Moritz Hardt, Mary Wootters
      COLT 2014
    • Computational Limits for Matrix Completion
      Moritz Hardt, Raghu Meka, Prasad Raghavendra, Benjamin Weitz
      COLT 2014


    • How Robust are Linear Sketches to Adaptive Inputs?
      Moritz Hardt, David P. Woodruff
      STOC 2013
    • Beyond Worst-Case Analysis in Private Singular Vector Computation
      Moritz Hardt, Aaron Roth
      STOC 2013
    • Algorithms and Hardness for Robust Subspace Recovery
      Moritz Hardt, Ankur Moitra
      COLT 2013
    • Robust Subspace Iteration and Privacy-Preserving Spectral Analysis
      Moritz Hardt
      ALLERTON 2013
    • Multiple Kernel Completion and Its Application to Cardiac Disease Discrimination
      Ritwik Kumar, Ting Chen, Moritz Hardt, David Beymer, Karen Brannon, Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood
      ISBI 2013


    • A Simple and Practical Algorithm for Differentially Private Data Release
      Moritz Hardt, Katrina Ligett, Frank McSherry
      NIPS 2012
    • Beating Randomized Response on Incoherent Matrices
      Moritz Hardt, Aaron Roth
      STOC 2012
    • Private Data Release via Learning Thresholds
      Moritz Hardt, Guy N. Rothblum, Rocco A. Servedio
      SODA 2012
    • Fairness through Awareness
      Cynthia Dwork, Moritz Hardt, Toniann Pitassi, Omer Reingold, Rich Zemel
      ITCS 2012
    • Graph Densification
      Moritz Hardt, Nikhil Srivastava, Madhur Tulsiani
      ITCS 2012

2011 and earlier

  • A Study of Privacy and Fairness in Sensitive Data Analysis
    Moritz Hardt
    Dissertation. Princeton University, 2011
  • Privately Releasing Conjunctions and the Statistical Query Barrier
    Anupam Gupta, Moritz Hardt, Aaron Roth, Jonathan Ullman
    STOC 2011; SICOMP 2013
  • Subsampling Mathematical Relaxations and Average-case Complexity
    Boaz Barak, Moritz Hardt, Thomas Holenstein, David Steurer
    SODA 2011
  • A Multiplicative Weights Mechanism for Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis
    Moritz Hardt, Guy N. Rothblum
    FOCS 2010
  • On the Geometry of Differential Privacy
    Moritz Hardt, Kunal Talwar
    STOC 2010
  • The Uniform Hard-Core Lemma Via Approximate Bregman Projections
    Boaz Barak, Moritz Hardt, Satyen Kale
    SODA 2009
  • Rounding Parallel Repetitions of Unique Games
    Boaz Barak, Moritz Hardt, Ishay Haviv, Anup Rao, Oded Regev and David Steurer
    FOCS 2008
  • Asymptotically Optimal Hitting Sets Against Polynomials
    Markus Bläser, Moritz Hardt, David Steurer
    ICALP (1) 2008
  • Deterministically Testing Sparse Polynomial Identities of Unbounded Degree
    Markus Bläser, Moritz Hardt, Richard J. Lipton, Nisheeth K. Vishnoi
    Inf. Process. Lett. 2009

Other writings and selcted blog posts

  • The Zen of Gradient Descent
  • False Discovery and Differential Privacy
  • Power Method Still Powerful
  • Occupy Algorithms: Will Algorithms Serve the 99%?
    Invited to Governing Algorithms, New York University, 2013

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